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I am a freelance Stage and Production Manager with a wide range of skills. Experienced in both lighting, sound and AV, my favourite part of stage management remains a good risk assessment. So far I have specialised in queer theatre, fringe theatre and theatre for young audiences, but I am interested in any show that presents a challenge, particularly technically. To support my work in these areas I have a Health and Safety certification from Safety Pass Alliance, an Emergency First Aid at Work certification and the NSPCC Safeguarding 16-25 year olds certification.



Crap at Animals

Crap at Animals does what it says on the tin. One guy tries heroically and fails epically to do impressions of 48,000 rare animals in under an hour.

How do you do a Darth Vader Giant Pill Millipede? Have you ever heard of a Miss Kerala Look-a-Like? What kind of animal is a Problematic Flasher???

Come and explore the madness and diversity and beauty of life with wildly playful solo performance artist Tom Bailey. Tom takes audiences on a clowning, physical theatre and VR rollercoaster ride into a bonkers-big world of currently extinct and endangered species.

May - September 2024


The Little Prince

Award Winning Poet Toby Thompson returns to The Egg with his new adaptation of The Little Prince

September - October 2024



Looks, touches, rhythms. “Foley” is a contemporary circus piece that is guided and accompanied by exquisite live music. Five acrobats and a musician explore the highs and lows of togetherness. Initially the artists move according to the rhythm set by the music, but soon they question the imposed mood. A red AUX cable interweaves through the entire piece, at times creating chaos and entanglement and other times unifying the group. The piece is full of surprises, flowing through different worlds to themes of vulnerability, trust, light-heartedness, and playful silliness.

July 2024


Robin Hood

It’s time to grab your bows and arrows and join the rebellion!

Life in Sherwood Forest isn’t all nuts and berries for Rob, a runaway and our reluctant hero, especially when the Sheriff's nauseating soldiers are on his tail! When he stumbles upon a band of Very Merry Men, will they march to the beat of his drum in the fight for justice and freedom?

Christmas 2024

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