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I am a freelance Stage and Production Manager with a wide range of skills. Experienced in both lighting and sound, as well as prop making and sourcing, my favourite part of stage management remains a good risk assessment. So far I have specialised in fringe theatre and mid-scale touring, but I am interested in any show that presents a challenge, particularly technically.




5 Children and It

Sent away to live in the countryside with their reclusive Uncle, five children discover a secret that’s been hidden away for centuries: a magical, mischievous and extremely grumpy Sand Fairy called It with the power to grant spectacular wishes. There’s just one catch…

Christmas 2022

Poison Hate Vitriol.png

Poison, Hate & Vitriol

Jaz writes for The Guardian. And he’s desperate to get the front page.

To outsiders, he and wife, Kelly have the perfect life. A nice house, a sweet child & good jobs (though Kelly hasn’t gone back to work since they had the baby). And when Jaz comes up with an idea that might just get him that front page his wife is swept along for the ride.

‘SHARON’ is a bigot. Poisonous, hateful, controversial and completely fake. She’s a persona, created by Jaz, tweeting bile on a daily basis. But roping in Kelly to help, it’s not long before Kelly discovers a new tactic.

Feb & March 2023

Poison Hate Vitriol.png
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Side FX

When it comes to contraception, things are better than they were – but that’s a low bar.
With musical comedy, poetry, games and sci-fi, your doctor awaits you. Exploring all things hormonal, from the delightful to the unexpectedly dark, this is PhD research as you’ve never seen it before – drawing on interviews, autobiography, archival research and a teenage Twilight obsession.. Be prepared for audience participation, bingo, lollipops and country singing.

February 2023