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I am a freelance Stage and Production Manager with a wide range of skills. Experienced in both lighting and sound, as well as prop making and sourcing, my favourite part of stage management remains a good risk assessment. So far I have specialised in queer theatre, fringe theatre and theatre for young audiences, but I am interested in any show that presents a challenge, particularly technically. To support my work in these areas I have a Health and Safety certification from Safety Pass Alliance, an Emergency First Aid at Work certification and the NSPCC Safeguarding 16-25 year olds certification.




When the Birds Sang

In this fantastical new dance theatre show, a little girl overcomes her troubles when she meets a colourful feathered friend and they embark on a magical adventure together.

Inspired by children’s own experiences, this breath-taking new show from leading children’s theatre companies Theatre Hullabaloo and Travelling Light combines contemporary dance and captivating storytelling to celebrate the power of imagination.

June 2023



Felix is uptight and unlucky in love. He’s the mate of honour at his best friend’s wedding - one they’ve been planning since childhood - and he’s going to make sure it’s absolutely perfect. That is, as long as there are no distractions along the way…
It’s Helen’s surprise Hen Night, and you’re all invited! Join Felix for the week leading up to the wedding as he’s swept up in a tumultuous, secret romance, and facing weather, workouts and the worries of a bride-to-be.

June - October 2023

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Pandora's Box

Ever wondered what’s in the box? The one on the top shelf? Why is it there? Why were you told not to look it in? Could it really be so bad?With a plethora of costume changes, a pantheon of Gods and a prohibited peek into a pithos, The Last Baguette retell the preposterous and problematic story of Pandora.
A gallop through Greek mythology featuring goofy gods, hilarious heroines & daft deities. Join the Baguettes as they lift the lid on this classic myth with physical comedy, visual storytelling, live music, un-Apollo-getically bad puns and lo-fi special effects.

July & August 2023



All children, except one, grow up, but some grow up faster than others.
In the faded kitchen of a once-grand town-house, Wendy is growing up fast, perhaps a little too fast. Between her homework and caring for her family, Wendy dreams of one last childhood adventure
In fly Peter and his friend Tink, a mischievous pair who can’t or won’t grow up. When they steal Wendy away to The Neverland, the stage is set for a thrilling battle against time, against Hook, and against magic!

November - January 2023/24

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